Winterblues, what can I do about it? 10 tips to deal with it.

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Winterblues, just saying the word makes you feel blue, right? 

Most of the time you feel tired, a bit sad, and if all goes well, even irritable on top.

I’ve heard myself say the words for years: Oh I hate winter! Just let it be, I’m suffering from the winterblues. The days are so short, and the weather seems to dump those grey and sad feelings into my head. And on top of that, I’m constantly feeling tired, and someone looking in my direction was enough to pass me a cold.

Honestly, I didn’t like it even a bit. During the winter period, the only thing crossing my mind was how to escape from this country. Caribbean islands, anyone? My body was here, but my mind was laying in a hammock on a beach over there. But then I looked out the window again…Misery. Cold and wet weather. Misery on the road. Waking up in the dark, and coming home in the dark. I could easily list a long bulletlist of negative things about this season.

A few winters ago, I really had to go into the garden, to free my cat which had tried to get inside the garage through a hole too small for the big cat. When I managed to release him from this miserable position, I looked around in the garden. The trees, the hedges, leafs on the ground. Taking the time to observe.

I was standing there, with a smile on my face. The tree, under which I always sit to read during summer, was standing there, what a beauty!!! Icecones hanging from the branches, a glittering trunk, and a small strip of light that hit it… pure magic! My tree was standing there, resting, inside itself, and the weather elements around it were making him into a piece of art.

My tree needs this season, in order to give me the wonderful deck of leafs in summer, underneath I love to sit and read. Just resting, just recharge. Oh how logical does nature work 🙂


I went back inside, and took everything I thought I needed for myself. A fluffy comfy sweater, plaids, candles everywhere. The books that I normally read underneath the tree? I placed them on the chimney. The books that I hardly get any time to read during the rest of the year. A basket near the door, with warm woolen winter socks for everyone who entered our house.

Winterblues? No thank you. A season to enjoy. To fix those tasty healthy warm winter meals, together, as a family, or with friends. Play board games with the kids. Take a book and take some time for myself. Enjoy a nice hot tea, fluffy socks and warm plaids. Winter, in our family, became a time to rest, recharge and enjoy!

So how can you do that?

  • Get your nose out of the door once in a while, and take a walk, feel everything being blown off of you.
  • Enjoy to take care of yourself.
  • Make sure the house is cosy: lights and scents. Love it!
  • Take the time to relax en enjoy this time instead of nagging about the weather
  • Finally take the time to read or watch tv
  • Play a board game, or something else you enjoy doing together
  • Sleep as much as your body needs
  • Create light inside your house, with lightbulbs, candles or an open fire (if you have one)
  • Choose cosines and cocooning
  • Remember, spring is already preparing itself!

Let’s make a deal, let’s look at the winter differently. Enjoy it, and know that you too need this time to be able to bloom in the summertime. we afspreken dat we de winter

Warm regards,



About Nathalie Schatteman

Nathalie Schatteman is een Life creator. Als Life Coach uit Antwerpen heb ik er mijn missie van gemaakt om als levenskunstenaar door het leven te gaan. Een positieve mentaliteit zorgt voor een gezonder lichaam en een rustige geest. Mijn opleidingen als Life Coach, Business coach, Kinder Coach, Massagetherapeut, Yogi, Reiki Master geven een klein inzicht in mijn holistische aanpak van werken.
Als Hoogsensitief, Sensatiezoeker in het bedrijfsleven staan is eveneens een kunst. En als Sensatiezoeker kies ik dus ook voor een no-nonsense aanpak met degelijke resultaten. En dit zonder terugval.
Zakenvrouw met jaren ervaring.
No Nonsense, kick ass aanpak. Straal jouw kracht uit, je bent er klaar voor!
Warme groeten
Nathalie Schatteman

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