Fears? What to do with them?

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Fears? What to do with them?

Thoughts that make us anxious. We all have those, right? They make us feel small, stressed out, in panic… and besides all that, they make us tired too. Some people get these thoughts from an unexpected visitor dropping by, others by situations at work, such as planning that is going bunk, a deadline that’s going to be missed.

And all around you people are saying: “Step out of your comfort zone! You should try it!” But isn’t that much more difficult than it sounds?

Maybe you recognize this story?

You’ve said it a gazillion times: starting tomorrow, I will pick up running! But that specific tomorrow, it never seems to come. That’s the tough thing about stepping out of your comfort zone. Your comfort zone is an easy, comfortable place, for your brain, and thus for you.

Your brain is the part of your body that you keeps you alive. How it does that, doesn’t really make a difference to your brain. As long as each organ is working as it should: a job done well! Are you feeling happy or unhappy while staying alive? Your brain doesn’t care. Are you doing this in a constant state of anxiety and stress, then it starts to become a sort of addiction. Your brain is getting used to the constant flow of adrenaline.

Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one!

Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one!

So what does make a difference? Whenever you do something that you’re not used to doing, your brain will respond to this. Because that is not the normal way they work. And your brain is programmed to work in the easiest and comfortable way, the path of the least resistance. So you will get stress, and start postponing and so on.

It’s like yelling at a herd of loose horses to watch out for the cliff at the end of the path. And they don’t just keep running, they even run right over you.

Does that sometimes feel weird and frightening? Absolutely!

Is it worth doing anyway? Absolutely! From that moment on, fear does no longer control you, but you control your fear. How would that feel?

The fun thing is, we will show you to step out of your comfort zone without it feeling intensely heavy. Because once your brain is used to stepping out of your comfort zone, you will notice that your life becomes so much easier. You will feel free and full of energy.

So, what do you think? Go for it? These boots are made for walking 🙂

Join our challenges, and step out of your comfort zone. We are looking forward to it!

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About Nathalie Schatteman

Nathalie Schatteman is een Life creator. Als Life Coach uit Antwerpen heb ik er mijn missie van gemaakt om als levenskunstenaar door het leven te gaan. Een positieve mentaliteit zorgt voor een gezonder lichaam en een rustige geest. Mijn opleidingen als Life Coach, Business coach, Kinder Coach, Massagetherapeut, Yogi, Reiki Master geven een klein inzicht in mijn holistische aanpak van werken.
Als Hoogsensitief, Sensatiezoeker in het bedrijfsleven staan is eveneens een kunst. En als Sensatiezoeker kies ik dus ook voor een no-nonsense aanpak met degelijke resultaten. En dit zonder terugval.
Zakenvrouw met jaren ervaring.
No Nonsense, kick ass aanpak. Straal jouw kracht uit, je bent er klaar voor!
Warme groeten
Nathalie Schatteman

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