Are you too nice? And having trouble saying no?

Well, it’s not that easy saying no these days. We always assume our surroundings won’t agree. When you say Yes, you don’t have to explain why you join them, why you’re doing whatever you agreed upon. What is it that makes your “being nice” into such a big stumbling block? And it exhausts you so…

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21 different things to do to love yourself more

To love yourself is the absolute basis for anything else in your life. I know, it sounds counterintuitive, and even selfish, I struggled with this for years and years myself. However, it’s simple, without self-love, we can’t love others, or accept that others love us. Self-love is a seeing what is good in yourself. And…

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How can you say no?

Saying No It sounds so easy, don’t you think? For me, when push comes to shove, there’s a clear “NO” sounding in my head. And still, my mouth says: “Of course I’ll do that for you”. And then I feel like could hit myself. Because I don’t even see the slightest chance of adding that…

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Me? Am I an introvert?

Me, am I an introvert? Being an Introvert and watching myself did appear rather strange at first. When I started reading the explanation, it made more sense, and it became more and more clear that I indeed was part of the family of introverts.  I am an introvert, but I’m totally bot shy. What other…

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