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Close the door of your past, and live the life that you desire. The time has come to take control and create your own happiness.

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A mastercoach, and lifecoach based on yoga are ready to join you on your track to finally live your life! For only a small amount, and from the comfort of your home!

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For all professionals that want to take to the necessary steps to bloom their practice. Technical trainings and support, businessplan, coaching tools, and more. All this from the comfort of your home, waiting to be scheduled on the moments that fit you best.

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Our knowledge and expertise

Working with a Master Life Coach and Life-Coordinator-GPS like me, Cornelle, means that you’re taking the first steps to your targets, vision and dreams.
My work as Master Life Coach and Life-Coordinator consists of life coaching and intervision. I work with my clients all over the world online via Skype. I can work with you to make you see and feel the the meaning of life again by living it.
My workshops and trainings are now also available online. The webinars support you with this, and will make learning even more fun.

Me, Nathalie, am a businesswoman who had her own photography business with a team of people for years. I’m a mother of a large family. I’m a budhist, yogi, and I mainly walk my own path. What others think of that? Well, I don’t really care. That means, don’t care anymore. Because my life used to look a lot different. At a certain point in my life, I had the feeling that I was being lived instead of living, and that whatever was important for me, was irrelevant. I started living for the people around me instead of for myself. Maybe you recognize that feeling? This is how I found my mission as a coach and a mentor. And I would love to be your guide now. Online en offline

Yogic lifecoach
Business Coach - online entrepreneur
Mastercoach Cornelle Sterk

Cornelle Sterk

Hi, I’m Cornelle, and I want to be your GPS to guide you to your own happiness, your own health, your own success and the confidence you’ve always wanted.

Bjorn Beheydt IT specialist WP analist

Bjorn Beheydt

Hello, i’m Bjorn.
As IT analist and independent consultant, I have the knowledge to help you build the technical side of your company. Websites and SEO knowledge will make sure you can claim your place in a world that is more and more happening online.


Nathalie Schatteman

Hey, I’m Nathalie.
Being a yogi, I work as a guide and a coach to show you that you are entitled to the life the way you want it, and not like the way the world wants it. No- nonse coaching with quick results on the road to the life you’ve always wanted.

Everything you need to live your life the way you always wanted

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